Hypnotherapy in Newmarket Now Back Open!

Hypnotherapy in Newmarket is back! After the long months of the pandemic lockdown and then sorting out my new office in Ely, I'm delighted to confirm that I am now back offering hypnotherapy sessions from the wonderful White Tara Therapy Centre in Newmarket.

Naturally there are a few Covid-19 secure changes since the start of the year, so please wash your hands (or use hand gel) upon arrival and wear a face mask when you come into the Centre and when leaving. Other than that, it's all systems go and I've already been helping people to deal with issues such as anxiety, increasing confidence and feeling better in themselves.

If you need a reminder about where the Centre is located then do take a look at the details here: Hypnotherapy in Newmarket 

Hypnotherapy in newmarket


dan regan hypnotherapy in newmarket


If you are looking for help to deal with issues such as anxiety, stress and panic attacks, or to boost confidence and self-esteem then do get in touch and I'll look forward to meeting you for a free initial consultation at this lovely venue in Newmarket. 

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Newmarket and Ely


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