The New Location For Hypnotherapy In Ely

Hello from the new epicentre of successful hypnotherapy in Ely! 

I'm just about all moved into my new office at St Thomas Place, CB7 and pretty much just need my new desk to arrive before everything is fully in place (my new desk is delayed arriving due to Covid-19 so right now I'm using my daughters pink desk that has hearts on the pull out drawers!). As anyone who has ever moved office knows there is a ton to sort out and get shifted and thankfully there has only been one 'almost' hiccup (when my friend helped me move my bulky furniture in the pouring rain late on a Friday night and before he was due to go on holiday for a week, only for me to discover that I didn't know the security code to get in!).

I've started having my first clients visit and I'm getting their feedback and any comments on making things even better for you here.

Already there is reserved parking, disabled access and a waiting area, all of which are improvements on my previous office. It's so much quieter than being above a barbers, there are lovely views across the fields (where I'm still waiting to see the deer) and, of course, I have air con to make sure everything is comfortable when you visit (for more location details have a look here: Hypnotherapy in Ely). 


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Thank you to everyone who has wished me well on the move to this new location.  If you are looking for help to deal with anxiety, stress, panic attacks, low self esteem or any other psychological or emotional issue then do get in touch and ask to book in for a free initial consultation. It will be great to meet you.

Even despite the air con, quietness, professionalsim, easier access and other facilities, the best part of moving my hypnoherapy in Ely services is perhaps my walk commute. Rather than walking alongside busy main roads into the bustling, noisy centre of town, I now get to stroll through some quieter areas and across some fields to get there (and you've got to love a nice little walk in nature). It's downhill all the way in and then I have to get those legs working a bit on the uphill home!

ely hypnotherapy cb7 4ex 

dan regan hypnotherapy ely


There's been some lovely late Summer/early Autumn sunshine each time I've walked it so far...remains to be seen if I'll still be smiling so much in the winter cold and rain! My route is on the edge of one of my favourite places to run so who knows, maybe I'll fit some running in to my commute somehow too. And if you fancy some solitude or reflection time after your hypnotherapy session, there are plenty of places on the business estate to park up and wander over to the quiet and space of these fields (quite literally nature on your hypnotherapy doorstep!!).'

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I'm super excited to have you come and pay me a visit here (as well as helping you overcome your issues like these people: what people say) so do get in touch soon.

Right, it's back to helping my hypnotherapy clients for me and, in-between those appointments, a bit of deer spotting from my window! Wish my luck in finding them soon!

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket - 01353 669941


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