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As I write this the sun is scorching outside, the shops have reopened and more lockdown easing is due imminently. While we all need to take social distancing and hand washing precautions, I've been sensing a shift in the general atmosphere towards life restarting and returning to much more normality. Whether or not you think that's a good thing, I hope that within the whirlwind of the pandemic there have been some positives for you that you can take forward in what you do or how you do it.

During the pandemic there was a mass outpouring of gratitude for the work of the NHS and other key workers. For those of us working from home and staying at home during lockdown and viewing all the pandemic news on TV, I think it seemed strange to think there were people going about their business almost routinely.

Early on in lockdown I recorded a short video to say thanks to the NHS and all key workers for what they were doing during the pandemic. At that time things were definitely still escalating and uncertain. 

I've been helping clients who are key workers with issues such as anxiety and stress, and some of the stories they've told me of life on the front line are pretty harrowing, particularly for those in the NHS faced with the risks and consequences of the coronavirus each day.

So as lockdown relaxes once again and we all continue to adjust, it's a good time to once again give thanks and to make sure we remember our gratitude into the future.

I recorded this short video just to say thanks to all those key workers in the NHS who have been at the front end of the pandemic. During lockdown I ran a charity virtual run where the funds went to the NHS charity and as my medal has now arrived (after manufacture was delayed by covid-19) it was also a good opportunity to show off my bling!

Click on the image and have a watch here:


thank you nhs hypnotherapy in ely


After our weekly clapping for carers during lockdown, I've just read that it's to become an annual thing to celebrate everyone in our wonderful NHS. It's great news that we can all, in our small way, continue to remember what a wonderful service they provide and to have a way to show our appreciation.

To your happiness

Dan Regan

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