Know Your Why To Achieve Your Goals:

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 6am so I could be up and out for a run in time to get back and ready for work. The alarm went off as planned and I awoke to the sound of the rain lashing against the window. It was torrential! In that moment I started to wonder about postponing my run and going another, unspecified time. Yet I knew that if I didn't go then, I wouldn't have time later that day and I'd miss my planned run.

It's times like these when having your 'whys' at the forefront of your mind matters. Your 'why' is all the motivations and reasons you have for achieving a goal, the things you want and desire in your life, and those things that annoy and frustrate you that you no longer want and are moving away from.

Many people find their motivation is strong when they first start taking action to achieve something. Whether it's eating healthier, drinking less, stopping smoking, exercising or taking action to overcome anxiety and build confidence, in that moment when you decide you need to do something about it, your mindset and your emotions are pumped up and you are committed. 

Yet over time that initial burst of enthusiasm can start to wane. Time passes and those things become less compelling. Life gets busy and you don't find the time or mental energy to take the actions consistently. Or maybe you get some initial success and start to feel good but then that gives you reason to ease back rather than push on. And maybe, as often happens, you encounter setbacks, frustrations or challenges and you give up.

That's why you need strong enough reasons, they push you on and they keep you focused and resilient, even in the most challenging times (like when it's pouring down and windy and you need to get out of your comfortable bed and put your trainers on). Your whys give you persistence, motivation and tenacity to keep going.

I run because I like being fit and healthy, because I don't want to put on weight, because I want to run more races in the future to the best of my ability and because it makes me feel good afterwards. Skipping a run makes me feel bad. I know my reasons and remind myself regularly and I know how much better I feel for being active and how much worse I feel if I'm not. It gets me out in the heat, cold, dry and wet. My reasons make me persevere and keep going.

The importance of your reasons and having your 'whys' is what I talk about in this video (click on the image and have a watch here):

 whats your why hypnotherapy in ely


Oh and in my video I mention the 'Who's On First' comedy sketch by Abbott and Costello. It has nothing to do with what I'm talking about here (except they left out the 'Why' I'm talking about here) but it is very funny in my opinion so do check it out (you can watch it on You Tube here).

Write down your whys and review them every morning. Keep them at the front of your awareness. Remind yourself why you are taking action regularly. Whether it's overcoming anxiety, increasing confidence, exercising more, eating healthier or some other outcome you want for yourself, keep reminding yourself and review those reasons often.

And who knows, maybe I'll see you out running in the rain and also looking like a drowned rat sometime very soon!

To your success

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket