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So just the other day was my birthday and, as my kids like to remind me, I'm getting even older every year! My kids, of course, are still at those ages where every birthday (like every Christmas) is a very big deal indeed and how old someone is remains a key piece of information to discover and remember.

It was a lovely sunny day (like the day I was born, according to my Mum) and, despite the ongoing restrictions from the covid-19 pandemic, we had a lovely day spending time together. We went out for a walk in nature, grabbed a first coffee shop coffee for thirteen or so weeks and then played some games together. And around all that I managed to do a workout and play on my guitar too. A great day all round!

Now I don't know about you but I'm a bit of a thinker. I like to contemplate things and run them over in my mind a while. And one thing I aim to do every day, and that I suggest my clients do too, is to start the day thinking of three things they are looking forward to that day, and then reflect back last thing on three highlights or positives from the day. It's a great habit that helps you think more positively and recognise progress, rather than going through each day focused on the negative, being mentally on auto-pilot or being so busy thinking of the next thing that you neglect to notice how far you've come.

And there were three things in particular that are related to mental health that I noticed and appreciated and that are a useful reminder to me to make more of, and not just on birthdays.

 Before I get onto that, here a few snaps from my birthday: 

hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket


birthday learnings mental health ely

 mental health hypnotherapy ely

My first coffee shop cappuccino in so many weeks, time in nature and spending time with the people you love the most. Lots of good stuff for your mental health there and I've talked a lot more about each of these things in this video (click on the image to have a watch now):


birthday learnings mental health hypnotherapy ely newmarket


As I cover in the video, spending time with people you love and enjoy being with is good for your mental health, as is being active and spending time in nature (the evidence for which I've covered in previous articles elsewhere).

And lockdown has allowed all of us to reconsider some of our usual old patterns and habits. For me that was my daily caffeine fix which has become routine and which I'd then convinced myself was a necessity. For others, lockdown may have led to changes in things such as diet, exercising more, spending more time with loved ones, learning new hobbies and skills, working more effectively or commuting less. Whatever your learning, it's always important to make sure that you don't (like with my coffee) get to a point where you have to have something or where you can't do without it, otherwise you are no longer in control or master of yourself.

And most of all, be kind, express gratitude, spend time with people you love and who love you and do the healthy things that make you happy.

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

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