New hypnosis downloads coming soon:

I'm often getting asked to record new hypnosis downloads so earlier this week I headed back into the recording studio to create a couple more new hypnosis tracks that will soon be available for you (keep an eye on my Hypnosis Download pages).

The new audios are to help boost self-esteem and to let go of anxious thoughts, and I also took the chance to update the free Rapid Relaxation audio you can get when you sign up for my newsletter (the new version will have a much higher quality of sound). 

I always love hearing from people who have used my hypnosis downloads on how much of a positive impact they have had for them so I hope that you will enjoy and benefit from these new ones too.

The Self Esteem Booster hypnosis download will help you to boost your feelings of self-esteem and inner worth, and develop a deep-rooted natural confidence within yourself. Using this audio will help you to develop a robust and powerful sense of self-esteem that will allow you to feel good about being you and to accept yourself exactly as you are. As you grow your self-esteem, you will develop more and more confidence in your ability to think clearly, to make good decisions, to handle life’s challenges and to enjoy your successes and achievements. You will develop a deep rooted sense of confidence and inner comfort that will allow you to be happier and to enjoy life.

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My anxiety thought release hypnosis dowload has been designed to help you to let go of unwanted anxious thoughts. Using this audio will help you to develop a robust and powerful sense of calmness, confidence and control over your thoughts and feelings. By letting go of your old habitual anxious and negative thoughts, you will be able to take back control and adopt a new, more positive perspective into your life. You will find yourself feeling happier and more confident, and thinking thoughts that allow you to feel better in yourself and more capable.

And of course you may want to take a look at the other downloads that are already available, and that I get so much positive feedback about, in my Hypnosis Downloads section. 

Wishing you every happiness and success,

Dan Regan

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