Ely Hero Awards 2018 Nomination - Thank You!

Very honoured and grateful today to learn that I've been nominated for an Ely Hero Award 2018. 

It really does mean a lot to know that I've made such a positive difference to someone's life that they felt compelled to take the time and effort to nominate me. Thank you!  

There are many, many local people in Ely doing great things in this area and I hope many of them also get nominated for the great stuff they are doing.  

And whilst I don't expect to make the final shortlist because there really are so many local heroes in Ely, I'm really appreciative and grateful for having been nominated. 

ely hero awards 2018 hypnotherapy


To learn more about the Ely Hero Awards, or to nominate someone, head over to the Ely Hero Awards 2018 website for all the details.

Yours in gratitude,

Dan Regan

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