Increasing Focus and Productivity in 2018:

Wowzers! It's the end of the first working week of 2018 already! How did that pass by so quickly? (Ok, I know that for most of us here in the UK it was a shorter week because of the Bank Holiday on Monday, but still....)

This week has been crazy busy with clients and I've been helping people with, amongst other things, overcoming anxiety (including a client who hadn't left the house for weeks and after our session was able to go to a packed-out event in London!), quitting smoking (I had a great update form a client who came just before Christmas and is now well on the way to three weeks as a non-smoker), ending exam anxiety, ending insomnia and many clients who want to increase their confidence and self belief.  

Outside of that it's been hectic with the kids going back to school and trying to resurrect the old getting up and ready on time routine and I've survived back-to-back bootcamps for the first time after a couple of weeks' break from them over the holidays.

So many people I've spoken to tell me how 2017 seemed to fly by for them in one big blur, and I can resonate with that as while overall I had a great year, it often seemed to whizz by, divided into my three main priorities of family, work and exercise. 

And because our time is so limited, I'm determined to get even more focused and productive at work this year so that I can enjoy more time with my kids (and throwing a tyre around at bootcamp). 

Yet if you are a bit like me then this first week has not been your most productive. Sure I've got the essentials done but with getting used to getting up in the morning and trying to get back in the groove with work processes and systems, it's seemed more of a lumpy journey than a seemless one.

So with these first few days out of the way, I'm getting back on track right now! Here are three things I'm putting in place to increase my focus and productivity:

Getting Focused and Productive

In this video I talk about the three things I'm putting in place ti increase my focus so that I can achieve my goals in 2018. If you could do with increasing your focus then join me in carrying out these three things. Have a watch here:

increasing focus hypnotherapy ely dan regan

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Just to recap, here are the three things to increase focus:

1)  At the end of every week carry out a quick review of three things that went well that week and one thing that you want to improve and work on in the next week. This will give you a chance to note successes and to adjust along the way by having one thing to incorporate into your ongoing progress.

2) At the end of every day, think about and write down what you will be working on first thing the next day. Rather than get to work and then start thinking about what needs to be done and what to do first (that can lead to lost time, surfing the net and decision overload), you get right in on doing what's most important.

3) Prioritise your sleep. So many people treat sleep like a luxury that can be squeezed into less and less time. Yet sleep is vital to our wellbeing and allows us the mental energy to make decisions, focus and concentrate. It's no surprise that if we are sleep deprived we struggle to think clearly. So get a good end of day wind down routine in place, get up at a consistent time and enjoy more energy and focus to achieve your goals.

I'll be consistently carrying out these steps because I know they make a huge difference to how I'm able to get things done. If you are looking for more focus why not give them a try? And be sure to message me and let me know how well they work for you.

To your increasing focus,

Dan Regan

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