Ely Christmas Lights Switch On and Coping with Stress at Christmas

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  We started putting up our Christmas decorations at home and last Friday we all enjoyed going to watch the Ely Christmas lights being switched on by the Mayor along with Boogie Storm (if you don't know who Boogie Storm are, they are a dance group dressed as Star Wars Stormtroopers who appeared on Britain's Got Talent).

Despite the freezing cold, we had a great time watching the Ely Pantomime characters on stage (and getting a photo taken of the girls with 'Willy'), checking out the various stalls, saying hello to Mickey and Minnie Mouse and visiting Santa in his Grotto. There was also a very talented fire juggler and loads of rides and other stuff that made it a great occasion. And there were some great fireworks once all the lights had been switched on.

You can have a look at my amateur video recording of the fireworks and a few bits from Boogie Storm in this video:


That video isn't going to win any awards for quality! Yet hopefully it gives a flavour of some of the stuff we all enjoyed here last week. And do bear in mind that I was alternating lifting up my nine year old and six year old throughout so that they could have a better view of the stage! (Finally putting all that hard strength work at bootcamp to good use!!).

Keeping with the Christmas theme, we started putting up our decorations at home yesterday and managed to start wrapping some presents while the girls were out (gift wrapping has to be the worst part of Christmas!).

And then there is still a whole load more to sort in the lead up to Christmas. I've still got shopping to buy, there are Christmas performances to go to and enjoy, cards to write and plans to be finalised. At the same time I'm hugely busy with clients and my wife's housekeeping business continues to go from strength to strength.

In fact, it's such a busy period that no wonder so many people slide into the quagmire of stress, worry and anxiety that can drain all the fun and enjoyment out of the festivities.

I've written a lot over the past months about ways to ease anxiety and stress, and these apply to the Christmas period as well as the rest of the year.

You may want to have a read of these articles or scroll through my blog section:

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Of course, it's always worth making sure that you are pacing yourself so that you do have time to actually enjoy this time of year so you may want to build in time just for you or some down-time to make sure those physical and mental batteries remain fully charged. And of course always remember that it's the thought that counts so relax, stay positive and be sure to have fun!

A Helping Hand From Me - Instant Stress Relief and Creating Calm 

I want to help you to ease any Christmas stress you may have so that you can have the best Christmas possible. That's why until Christmas Eve, you can grab a copy of my Instant Stress Relief hypnosis audio for only £1.99 (usual price £9.99). 

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It comes with a full stress relief hypnosis audio, plus an extended version so you can extend how long you spend enjoying mental calmness, physical relaxation and taking control of your thoughts and feelings. Plus it comes with my Creating Calm audio, which itself has an extended version too. That's four audios to help you stay calm and in control this Christmas and beyond.

Just head to my Instant Stress Relief audio page and use code XMAS2017 to benefit.

Right, after all this talk of Christmas I've off to listen to Bony M singing Mary's Boy Child (the best Christmas song ever!).

To your most wonderful Christmas!

Dan Regan

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