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One way in which I often get asked to help people is as a business coach. Whether the person I work with is a senior executive, a team manager, an employee or self-employed, there is massive potential to help them increase their effectiveness and results within their work.

I love being able to draw upon both my coaching and personal development knowledge, as well as my own experiences of being self employed and within previous office and management roles.

Sometimes it may be helping someone to gain confidence for public speaking and presentations, or it may be to help them deal with particular challenges or relationships at work that are taking up too much head space.   

And many times it will be help to overcome anxiety or gain focus and persistence towards getting things done and creating momentum towards personal and business goals.

Recently a client of mine very kindly recorded a short video in which he describes how our business coaching sessions have really benefited him and his business.

Business Coaching Testimonial 

A huge thanks to Wayne for this video testimonial where he describes how our sessions together have helped him to increase his focus and progress his business:

business coaching ely achieve business goals

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A huge thanks again to Wayne and you can read the video transcript too if you prefer.

Business Coaching Help

If you could use more focus and momentum in your business then get in touch and arrange your complimentary strategy session. We can have a chat about your goals and challenges and how we can soon have you moving forward in your business. 

To your business success!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy & Coaching Ely, Newmarket, Skype

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