Department of Awesome & That Lump In The Throat Feeling:

I hope that anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I invest a huge amount of time, energy, and resolve into doing all that I can to support them in achieving their goals. Why? Because when someone you help is able to go on and acheive their goals, and often more, it brings massive levels of fulfillment and pleasure to me. And why not, because I work with some wonderful people.

So many of my clients are graduates of the Department of Awesome because they have had the conviction and motivation to take action and seek help to change something in their lives that was causing misery or pain. They took action, committed to engaging in a positive mindset in and out of sessions and, as a result, are now getting on with life.

You may have already read some of their comments and watched their videos on my What People Say page.  

And over the last few days I've had more reasons to smile, and several times, I've had that lump in the thoat kind of feeling.

hypnotherapy testimonials and Success stories ely newmarket

Have you ever had that lump in the throat feeling, when you feel a bit happy emotional and you kind of choke up a bit?

Recnelty I was stopped in the street by the mother of a client of mine who wanted to thank me for helping her daughter. She told me she felt like she had got her daughter back. If you are a parent and someone tells you that, I'm sure that you are going to get a shot of happy inside too!

And then just the other day I received this feedback from the mother of a lad who had come for help with his anxiety and had just celebrated getting excellent results in his exams when, at one point, they weren't even sure he would be well enough to take them at all:

anxiety hypnotherapy testimonial dan regan hypnotherapy ely

Here's what she said,

"Dan was able to meet with our son at a time when life had become absolutely overwhelming for him. Dan provided him with the tools to start getting his life back. From the very first session we noticed a difference and from there, week by week we got our lovely son back. He helped to provide mechanisms for breaking the cycle of anxiety and was available to talk things through and help build our sons confidence up again.

We saw the most fantastic transformation in our son which at one point seemed almost impossible. We cannot recommend Dan highly enough." Rachel S, Ely.

A true happy dance moment! 

And then only yesterday I received this feedback too: 

cancer scan anxiety help hypnotherpay ely

Here's what she said:

"Once again this amazing man has helped me. Scanxiety - the anxiety that hits whenever my cancer scans are due, is a real and terrifying reality. It never gets any easier.

Listening to Dan's Abolish Anxiety and Deep Relaxation downloads is helping me to deal with what for the past 4 and a half years has been a regular part of my life. I can also practice some of the techniques he taught me help if I get a panic attack. Trying to count backward in 3's when a panic attack washes over me when I'm on my bike really focuses the mind and the fear lifts away!

I will never be able to thank you enough, Dan. You have helped me so much. Thanks to you this journey I'm on is much more bearable." Carolyn, Ely.

Again, absolutely awesome!

All I can say after all that positive stuff is just thank you! Thank you to everyone who puts their trust in me and engages constructively in our sessions and with all the strategies and techniques that they learn and apply. And thank you too to everyone who has left me such positive feedback and who continue to refer people to see me. Thank you!!!!!! You are all worthy members of the Department of Awesome!

To your success,

Dan Regan 

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