Morning Routine - Best Way To Start Your Day:

How are your mornings? Do you dread the sound of the alarm that signals the start of another day? Do you feel like you have to force yourself to get moving as your mind fills with all the stresses and worries of the day ahead?

In this article I've got a simple morning routine that will kick start you for the day ahead. In fact I'd call it the best way to start your day.

If your existing morning routine is a sluggish struggle then implement this from tomorrow. Even if your wake in the morning full of joy and positivity, this routine is going to take that and enhance it to a new level.

And best of all it should only take you a few minutes to do yet it will set up your day to be awesome! Now that can only be good, can't it?

Rev Up Your Morning Routine

If you want to break out of your current monotomy and rev up your morning routine so you feel happier, more positive and more energised then do this:

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1) CREATE YOUR PLAYLIST: Find at least ten music tracks that, when you listen to them, make you feel upbeat and happy. Maybe the ones that make you want to dance around the room, that fill you with motivation or those ones that you secretly like to sing along to when no one is listening.

2) PICK YOUR TRACK: Every morning look through your playlist and pick the one that is going to be the most positive that day. Turn the volume up and play that track!

3) GRATITUDE: While you listen to that track think of three things or people you are most grateful in your life and how they positively impact on you. Many people like to write these down.

4) HAPPY: Still while listening to the track, think of at least three times, people or things that make you feel the happiest and what it is that makes you feel so happy about them or being with them. Again, you can write these down.

5) LOOK FORWARD: Finally, think of at least three things you are looking forward to today, however big or small, just three things that you are looking forward to doing, seeing, having or enjoying and write them dowm.

Now, feeling positive, happy and upbeat, let the track finish and get on with your day. Walk tall, smile, take a nice invigorating deep breath and off you go!

Make this part of your daily morning routine and notice how much better you begin to feel day after day.

Enjoy the best way to start your day!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Skype


Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Skype

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