As some of you may know, two and a half years ago I lost my Dad to cancer. Before he died, I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Research as they were so fantastic in their help and support during that difficult time.

I'm hugely grateful to everyone who supported me to raise over £800 for Macmillan.

Now, following a lengthy lay off due to injury, I'm back!! 

And as cancer hasn't yet 'done one' (as the advert says), it's time to get my fundraising trainers back on and to seriously up my training to raise more funds for the vital work of MacMillan.

joining fight against cancer dan regan hypnotherapy ely 

This summer I'm going to be running my second ultra marathon - this one is 40 miles long (or short depending on your point of view!).

Nearer the time I'll be asking for any spare change you may have to support their excellent have been warned!

To your health and happiness (and staying running fit)

Dan Regan

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