As a full time, professional hypnotist, I believe that it is vital to commit to ongoing training and research (that's probably why I continue to consistently get such good feedback from people: What People Say).

So recently I was delighted to head up to Derby and complete a workshop in Modern Hypnosis with highly acclaimed hypnotist Anthony Jacquin. And what a worthwhile investment of a Sunday it was!

In just one day, I added a whole host of new techniques and ideas to my already wide range of knowledge and skills. I was able to help someone increase their confidence, someone else end procrastination and yet another person make an important life decision that should have amazing results for him.

It often concerns me when I check out online hypnotherapist groups and speak to other hypnotists, when I hear stories about either not continuing with further professional development and learning, or that they have become 'learning junkies', spending all their time learning the next technique without ever actually applying and testing them to help people in real life. 

If you want to see the hypnotist being hypnostised by the hypnotist then have a look at this picture:

being the hypnotist dan regan hypnotherapy ely

To your ongoing learning and success,

Dan Regan

The Hypnotist in Ely & Newmarket