Are you a very important person?

A lot (if not all) of clients who come to see me to sort their low self-esteem and confidence regard themselves as the least important person in their own life – at work, at home and even when on their own they don’t feel worth it, good enough or that they deserve to feel better.


You are the most important person in your life – without you the show doesn’t get started.

Here are three ways to get started:

1. Stop blaming yourself for things that aren’t your fault. We all make enough mistakes of our own without needing to take responsibility for other people’s too.

2. Be fair to yourself – recognise your successes, your strengths, that combination of things and qualities that make you unique. Give yourself credit.

3. Free yourself from worry about what other people think. Leave them to their thoughts as you get on with your own life.

very important person

Believe in yourself, trust yourself and you’ll have all the self-esteem and confidence you need to be the real you, whenever you choose. 

Best wishes

Dan Regan 

Hypnotherapy Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket