Over the last year I've had an increasingly steady stream of clients seeking help to end their cocaine addiction.

They all tell me that when their habit started they felt in control over it - perhaps only using once or twice a week. Yet for whatever reason their habit had grown and grown to the point where they no longer felt in control over the cocaine - it was taking control over them.

Naturally many cocaine users keep their habit a secret from others - there may only be a few people who know they use. They may even try and hide it from those closest to them.

Sometimes life changes and the impacts of using cocaine lead to a desire to want to change - a partner who threatens to leave, concerns over impacts on the kids, the growing financial burden or that feeling that the cocaine is changing who you are somehow.

Whatever the history and circumstances now, they all tell me how it has become much more of a battle to resist the temptation to use.

Breaking the Cocaine Habit

Whether the motivation is your health, the cost, changes in your behaviour, pressure from loved ones or concerns over the impacts on your job and relationships, it is possible to soon be free of that cocaine addiction:

As long as YOU want to be free. 

Because whatever you think you get (or once got) from the cocaine, you now need to re-evaluate the relationship you have with it. 

Take some time to consider, and even write down, what does the cocaine habit do for you? What do you get from it?

Then consider all the impacts on your health, relationships, career, finances and how you feel in yourself from your habit. 

What are your hopes for the future? How would you like things to be different?

Freedom From Cocaine

My approach may not be the right one for you at the moment, unless you are ready to change and stop using cocaine for good. It's all about taking back control, smashing the habits, behaviours and ways of thinking that the cocaine has wanted you to have up until now. 

To be free and move forward, you need to make changes to behaviours and your ways of thinking. You will need to make decisions about areas of your lifestyle that support your habit.

Yet as many of my clients now know, there is a world of freedom from cocaine where it is no longer a part of who you are. Only you can decide how much you want that now.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket