As you would expect I'm a great believer in the power of hypnosis to help you manage emotions, end anxiety, boost self-esteem, increase confidence and in helping you to achieve your goals. It's a belief that is shared by my clients (you can read what people have said for more).

But everyday we go into 'trance' like moments and sometimes you may not appreciate your own internal power to hypnotise yourself negatively. 

Have you ever:

  • Felt nervous before an upcoming social event, presentation or exam?
  • Found your mind wandering and procrastinated when you should be getting on with something?
  • Thought of your future and felt a bit depressed because it doesn't seem on track?
  • Felt angry about something you need to talk to someone about?
  • Found yourself worrying or stressing at night so you can't sleep?

How To Break Your Negative Hypnosis

All of these are examples of everyday hypnosis which may seem so common that we don't even realise we are doing them. They are all based on using our thoughts and imagination to generate very real emotions about things that haven't yet happened.

And the more you link those thoughts and feelings together the more you prime yourself to feel anxious, worried or angry once that event arrives.

To start doing things differently you need to firstly start noticing your thoughts and what you are doing in your head. A lot of this can take place almost effortlessly when you are used to linking your imagination and emotion without even realising. That means you probably don't even notice you are doing it or that you could do things differently.

Once you start noticing those trance moments, you can actively start to shift your thoughts and start imagining what you do want - maybe you want to feel calm and confident at the next social event, or staying calm when having that difficult converstion. The key is to start focussing on what you do want to happen - imagine things going well, feel calm as you play it out in your mind and prime yourself to act and react in the best way. 

Learn to use your own hypnotic powers positively and then you can start enjoying more postive emotions, things going better and feeling calmer and more in control. 

Dan Regan

Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket