Would you like to feel happier more of the time?

We know that the more you focus on something, the more of it you notice and the more it becomes a part of your experience.

Just ask anyone with depression or who is unhappy or low and they’ll tell you how bad things are and how they can’t seem to imagine life ever getting any better in the future.

It seems to me that we often spend our days operating in some sort of reverse gear in our minds – instead of focusing on all the good things, we spend most of our time and thoughts engulfed in all the things that are going wrong or that we think will go wrong.

You only have to watch the news on TV or pick up a paper to engulf yourself in tales of disaster and gloom.

And it’s a useful little experiment to notice how many

of your conversations (in your head or with others) are about things that make you feel stressed, worried or unhappy. And then notice how many are about those things that make you feel good inside or happy.

We can all go through times when things seem rough and we don’t feel at our best yet wouldn’t it feel better if you saw more of the things that bring you happiness?

An Experiment in Happiness

So here’s what I suggest as an experiment:

1)    The Three Things

Every day has its ups, down and in-betweens yet often we spend our time and energy on the downs and neutrals. So for the next two weeks do this:

i)             Every morning when you wake up, think of 3 things you are looking forward to that day (however big or small)

ii)            Every night before you go to bed think of 3 things that went well that day, or which made you feel good or happy.

2)    Ditch the News!

For some people this may seem like cutting off their arm – yet the news is full of doom and gloom and sometimes people can fret endlessly about things they can’t directly change.

So for the next two weeks, ditch watching the news or reading a newspaper.

If after two weeks you want to restart then do so, yet you may find that you feel a bit calmer if you just scan the headlines and only pay attention to those things that directly involve or impact on you.

As the song goes:

You've got to accentuate the positive

Eliminate the negative

And latch on to the affirmative

Don't mess with Mister In-Between


You've got to spread joy up to the maximum

Bring gloom down to the minimum

Have faith or pandemonium's

Liable to walk upon the scene


You can check out the full song here: Accentuate the Positive - Johnny Mercer

And if you need a bit more help to feel happier then just get in touch.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach