One of the questions I often ask clients is

‘How do you know that you have this problem?’

At first it sounds straightforward doesn’t it?

But just think – you know you have this problem, or you wouldn’t even be sitting in the chair talking to me at a hypnotherapy session.

But how do you know?

How Do You Know?

Recently I have been working with

a large number of teenagers on issues such as confidence, anxiety and exam stress.

One of them told me he knew he had low confidence because his parents and teachers had told him. When I asked him how he knew, it started to shake the foundations on which he had built the whole problem (after all, if he didn’t know how he knew he had that problem how did he even know he had it?!).

All too often we can be ‘hypnotised’ into accepting labels that other people have decided for us without considering whether we actually want to take those labels on.

Other People's Labels

We are told by family/friends/doctors/teachers etc that we aren’t good enough or lack confidence or we are miserable or depressed or shy or worry too much or some other label.

Once we adopt the label of who we think we are we start to behave in a way that matches it and it can start to limit what we think we are able to do.

So consider, what labels have you taken on from other people and given yourself?

And knowing that you don’t need to buy into other people’s expectations, how are you going to choose to start describing yourself from today?

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