Hypnosis Downloads: New Titles Now Available

It's been great to have another opportunity to get into the studio and create some brand new hypnosis downloads to help and support you.

Many of my new titles are based on research and evidence to support them, as well as building upon my sessions with clients over the last decade or so. There are new hypnosis downloads to help with increasing confidence, staying focussed on your weight loss journey, reducing distress from past events, enjoying a sense of calmness, experiencing increased gratitude and well-being, and for taking positive action on your goals so that you live a fulfilling life without regret.

Naturally all of my 'classics' are still available too to help with anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, weight loss and stress. These are always popular with my clients and there are some lovely reviews over on my shop too. 

So let me introduce the new members of my hypnosis download collection...

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Hypnosis Downloads

It's always great to get into the studio and create new titles, and I also love hearing all the positive feedback from those who purchase them and use them consistently.

Recently Su said this about my Anxiety No More downloads: "Found this really useful. Not too long but enough to feel relaxed and re focus. Easy to download and a great help along side my hypnosis sessions in person."

And Jo write this lovely review: "2021 what a year , Having this therapy with Dan has changed my life and given me the tools and the skills to cope with all the things that I deal with day to day, caring for oneself and as a carer for my child and now I will start studying for an arts degree in Sept 2021, he has given me the confidence to know I can succeed and through weekly hypnotherapy it has given me more calmness to deal with any stressful things that arise , it has changed me and these free download given with the one to one on zoom with Dan….. it works on zoom too. I can’t thank Dan enough , I felt so relaxed through these downloads too, the morning calm hypnosis will start to do every morning and no anxiety anymore and a great way to connect with mind and body. I have had many counselling sessions and I find this Hypnotherapy works much better with relaxation and the mind body connection.
The gift vouchers are great too for a friend, a loved one. Thank you Dan for all your patience and care."

I put everything into doing all I can to help each and every person I work with or who makes use of my downloads, so it really is lovely to hear such wonderful feedback.

Here are my new hypnosis downloads:

1) Your Confident Self

Would you benefit from increasing your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief?

This hypnosis download will help you to grow your confidence and self-esteem. You will become the confident you. By listening to this hypnosis download you will increase your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, use your cognitions, self-talk and mental imagery to be the more confident you, be able to think more clearly, make decisions and feel more at ease and comfortable in you skin, feel more confident to handle, deal and cope with any challenges and you will build a confident self-image and take positive action on your goals. 

Learn more here: Confident Self Hypnosis Download

Your Confident Self Hypnosis Download 

2) Weight Loss Focus Hypnosis Download 

Do you struggle to stay focused each day on eating healthy and making the right choices?

Listening to this Weight Loss Focus hypnosis download will help you to keep a clear focus on your weight loss goals, boost your motivation and willpower and sense of control over food, take action towards achieving the size, shape and weight you wish and you will  feel healthier, happier and better in your mind and body.

Learn more about this download here: Weight Loss Focus Hypnosis Download

Weight loss focus hypnosis download


3) Gratitude and Well-Being: Three Good Things Hypnosis Download 

This hypnosis download is based upon a wealth of evidence and research from the field of positive psychology. Using this gratitude based hypnosis download  will help you to boost your well-being, add to feeling more positive, experience lessened negative emotions and develop resilience to handle and cope with challenges.

Learn more here: Three Good Things Hypnosis Download

three good things hypnosis download


4) Reduce Distress From Past Events Hypnosis Download

This hypnosis download, based upon research evidence, will help you to reduce your distress from a negative emotional memory, and to build your sense of personal strength, self-confidence and capability to influence your own life, to handle challenges and to achieve your goals.

Learn more here: Reduce Distress From Past Events Hypnosis Download

Reduce Distress From Past Events hypnosis download 

5) Negative Visualisation Hypnosis Download 

Using this audio will help you to experience more happiness, gratitude and appreciation for the people and things in your life. Instead of feeling dissatisfied or always longing for something more or new, you can enjoy everything your life offers and value things more.

Check out this hypnosis download here: Negative Visualisation Hypnosis Download

Negative Visualisation hypnosis download


6) Natural Calmness Hypnosis Download

The benefits of time in nature are applicable to all of us. As little as 10-20 minutes of time spent sitting or walking in nature has positive benefits for your mental health, that include reduced stress and anxiety and feeling more positive. And not only can you use it as a potential antidote when you are stressed, you should also certainly use time in nature as a preventative measure of stress and to proactively support good mental health.

And that’s exactly what this Natural Calmness Hypnosis Download will help you to do. As you imagine being in a favourite place in nature, you will find yourself letting go of any tension, relaxing and becoming more mentally calm and physically relaxed. Building on the research and evidence, you really can enjoy a ‘nature pill’ whenever you choose.

Find out more about how you can benefit here:  Natural Calmness Hypnosis Download

Natural Calmness hypnosis download


7) Live A Fulfilling Life Free Of Regret

This hypnosis download will help you to develop the courage, confidence and desire to take positive action in your life. Rather than staying stuck in old habits and patterns, you can recognise and appreciate what you want out of life, the things that bring you meaning and purpose. You can review the path you are on now and take action so that you live a fulfilling life, free of regret.

Get your copy of this powerful hypnosis download here: Live A Fulfilling Life Free Of Regret

fulfilling life free of regrets hypnosis download


I make it that there are now around thirty different download options available for you and to help you with issues such as anxiety, stress, confidence, weight loss and self-esteem. I'm already busy preparing for, and planning, my next trip to the recording studio in a few months, and I'm really excited to be able to keep offering you more and more support for all your mental health and well-being needs. 

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

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