Diffusing anxiety-fuelled worst case scenarios:

I don't know about you but I've always had a tendancy to imagine scenarios in my head about what might happen in the future if I do this thing or make this decison and so forth. These days, now that I understand more about scenarios and how to control them, these scenarios tend to be more of a neutral contemplation or even about good stuff happening.

But when I used to struggle with severe anxiety, these scenarios would be like major feature film worst case scenario type disasters happening; like not being able to answer a question in a meeting and looking an idiot, or of standing up to present and going blank, or somehow messing up in what I said or did when out socially.

Whenever I work with clients with anxiety, this capability to imagine all sorts of future worst case scenarios and disastrous "what if?" thoughts tend to appear. 

Our imagination is a wonderful thing, especially if you pause and consider that everything ever designed, built or made, from your computer to your chair, and every work of fiction you've ever read or TV show you've watched, started off as something in someone's imagination. How awesome is that?!

Yet feelings of anxiety will always colour your imaginings with shades of things going wrong or badly in some way, leading to feelings of more anxiety, leading to more of those anxiety fuelled thoughts. So how can you dilute them to such a point that the anxiety has to subside?

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How To Deal With Anxiety - Hypnotherapy Review

When you struggle with anxiety, it can make even the simplest of tasks turn into a battle. Things other people seem to just do can become anxiety-fulled struggles to avoid or endure - things like talking to others, answering the phone or open the door.

Recently I read an article where a therapist described how anxiety is your friend and should be welcomed. And certainly where anxiety is at a reasonable or appropriate level to what is going on then it can be helpful - it can help us avoid threats and harm and give us a clear 'warning signal' that we might need to review our plans or what we are doing.

Yet when someone has an anxiety disorder, the last thing they consider their anxiety to be is helpful. When anxiety levels are too high, everything can seem like a threat and all those thoughts lead to more anxiety which leads to even more thoughts. Once we take away the emotion, the thoughts are no different to hundreds of other random thoughts that pop in and out of heads all day long, yet which don't stop us going about our day. 

And having been there with anxiety myself, I know what a relief it is to reset anxiety, feel back in control and start enjoing life again. 

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New Hypnosis Audios available very soon!

I'm often getting asked when I will be adding to the hypnosis tracks I have available in my online hypnosis shop, particualarly by those who have listened to and benefited from my current offerings and now want some additional and fresh content to listen to.

So I'm delighted to confirm that I will have two new products available later this month. 

The feedback from those who have trialled them has been awesome so I can't wait to share them with you and many others.

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The Happiness Journal

Over the last eight years and through thousands of hypnotherapy sessions, one of the most consistently positive things that I encourage people to do is to start to focus on what is going right in their lives.

When we feel anxious, worried or generally a bit rubbish, a natural trait we share is to become more and more engaged with thoughts about all the people, things, situations and circumstances that aren't how we want them to be.

For example, an anxious person can become completely engrossed in thoughts of worst case scenarios or about things going wrong. Someone who lacks confidence may spend their time thinking about what if they mess up or people think they are weird or an idiot or some other negative judgement about them.

And the same can be true for someone trying to lose weight who criticises themselves after snacking, or a stressed person who becomes overwhelmed at thoughts of not being able to cope. No matter what the issue, it's easy to become lost in a cloud of unwanted and unhelpful thoughts and emotions and to lose sight of other things.

Which is where the happiness journal comes in.

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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety - Another Success Story!

As a former sufferer of anxiety myself, there is nothing I love more than helping someone discover how to get rid of anxiety.

After all, who wants to put up with all those unwanted thoughts and feelings dominating their life day in and day out.  

I can remember times feeling sick with anxiety, pacing around the house, my mind filled with all sorts of worst case scenarios and desperately wishing things were different. And of course, now I know that it doesn't have to be like that for anyone.

So I'm really pleased to bring you another inspiring testimonial video from someone else who has found freedom from anxiety. Because we couldn't find a way to match our schedules, this testimonial was recorded seven months after we finished our sessions together. Check it out by clicking on the image below.

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Mindfulness for Anxiety, Stress and Worry:

With all the media stories, articles and books about mindfulness now available, it's probably true that you have heard about mindfulness and you may even have dabbled with it yourself.

As with hypnosis, there is a growing body of research that suggests that for many people, mindfulness can be helpful for anxiety, stress and many other issues. And as with the research showng that combining congnitive behavioural therapy with hypnosis substantially enhances treatment outcomes, there is a huge benefit to combining elements of mindfulness with hypnosis to overcome issues and feel better. 

Many people that I talk to about mindfulness tell me that they have found it frustrating and difficult to work with or achieve the results they are seeking. That frustration can then lead to never quite getting around to it with any sort of motivation or dedication and ultimately deciding it isn't for them.

So here I've got some simple techniques that you can start using quickly and effectively in your daily life so that you can benefit from mindfulness for anxiety, stress and worry.

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Stress Management Help - Stress Awareness Month:

Whilst stress can affect you at any time, April is Stress Awareness Month and so a good time to take action to relieve your stress levels from this point onwards.

I work with many people who come to me for help because they are struggling with stress and anxiety in their lives.

That stress may be from their workload, from colleagues at work or other career issues. It may arise from their family, friends and relationships. Or it may come from exam stress, health worries or, in fact, any other part of your life where you no longer feel in control or able to cope effectively.

I was delighted to be published once again in the Cambridge News, giving my advice on how to manage stress.

So whether you are looking for stress management help to proactively stay resiliant and handle pressures, or whether you feel that stress is having a detrimental impact on you, these steps will show you the way forward.

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Now Available - Exam Stress & Anxiety Guide:

 Following on from my earlier post about exam stress and anxiety, I'm delighted to let you know that my free guide is available for you to access right now. 

Just head over to my exam stress, anxiety and fear page and you can grab your copy.

With exam season fast approaching, I've been having more and more conversations with teachers, parents and students about the rising pressure and stress on all those within and linked to education. All the stress of performance tables, targets and demands can soon filter down and be absorbed by students.

I've already received a lot of positive feedback about my free exam stress guide so if you know anyone who has exams coming up then please do direct them to my website.

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Overcoming anxiety and symptoms of anxiety:

If your anxiety issues are weighing you down then you may find yourself feeling sick, down, stressed, sad and lacking energy. It may be impacting on your sleep and you may have found that your levels of confidence and self belief have plummeted.

All of those symptoms of anxiety can leave you feeling stuck, lost and alone, with no sign of that anxiety ever truly easing.

And these are all the sorts of things that Julie decribed when she first came to meet me for some help with her anxiety issues. Now she has more energy, sleeps better and her confidence levels are soaring. You can watch her video testimonial below to discover her story.

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Exam Fear & Anxiety - Help To Ease Exam Stress:

Is the thought of your exams stressing you out? Are you full of exam fear and anxiety?

If you are facing exams soon and are filled with fear, dread and worry then I've got something that is really going to bring you value.

Instead of feeling tense and worried, soon you can be feeling calm and in control so that you can perform to your potential.

It's coming very soon!

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