Anxious Thoughts - Possible versus Probable

If you struggle with anxiety then you'll know how those catastrophising thoughts and worst case scenarios can dominate your mind, leaving you feeling tense, anxious and full of dread. The more vivid and strong those thoughts become, the worse you start to feel.

You may even be very aware that the things you are imagining are illogical or at least unlikely to happen in the way you are thinking, yet those emotions start to take over and that thinking dominates. 

So part of any overcoming anxiety treatment involves calming the anxious feeings and emotions so that they aren't fueling and taking over your thinking. And part of the process of overcoming anxiety is the switch from possibility to probability. Something you think may be possible, but that doesn't make it probable. 

 I talk more about this shift from possible to probable in this video (click on the image and have a watch now) 


anxious thoughts possible versus probable hypnotherapy ely


Instead of focussing on what is possible (and with the future many things are possible because they haven't happened yet), you want to learn how to be able to dispute and restructure your thoughts to things that are more helpful. For example, it's possible that a plane could crash down onto my head in the next minute, but is it really that probable?

This shift helps to undermine anxious thoughts and puts you in control over your thinking. Rather than anxious thoughts having free reign through your mind, you can start to challenge and dispute your own thinking. Rather than being dictated to by your anxiety, you can be in control. 

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