Post Lockdown Anxiety - Hypnotherapy Vlog:

After many weeks of lockdown, it has now been announced that the UK lockdown will be eased further from next month, having already been eased a bit a couple of weeks ago. And, perhaps unsurprisingly given all that has been going on, many people are feeling apprehensive and anxious about the next stage towards things reopening and life getting nearer to some normality (albeit a new normality with social distancing rules). 

Many people are worried about what this next stage may look like and involve. There may be fears about safety and health, education and jobs, amongst other anxieties. And certainly some polls suggest people are worried about getting the covid-19 disease and the impacts and implications of that.

In recent articles I've talked about several ways to look after your mental health and to deal with anxiety and stress, alongside listening to the hypnosis downloads that I've made available over in my hypnosis download shop.

And it's worth keeping in mind that research shows that we are generally quite poor at predicting how we will feel in the future. If challenges come our way we tend to think we will feel and be a lot worse than turns out to be the case. In the same way that you've dealt with, handled and somehow got through all the challenges you've already faced in your life up until now, you will find a way to handle and cope with life after the lockdown. You are more resilient and capable than perhaps you've been giving yourself credit for. 

I covered more about this in a previous article (that you can read here: Are You More Resilient Than You Think? Dealing With Challenges Post Covid-19) and today I've got a video version for you so please do click on the image below and have a watch:


covid19 post lockdown anxiety hypnotherapy ely newmarket 

Whatever you are thinking about life after lockdown, and however much anxiety you are experiencing around it, please do remember there are things you can do to calm those anxious feelings and interrupt your anxious thoughts. Taking action on the things that you can control to reduce your anxiety will help your mental health. 

And do remember that, just like before covid-19 and lockdown were even things, you do have the strength, resilience and capabilty to deal with this.

Stay safe and healthy,

Dan Regan

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