Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonial (and Fear of Flying):

Whilst the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated here in the UK, there has been a surge in the number of people struggling with anxiety, health anxiety, stress and worry.

Within this mental health storm, I wanted to offer something positive in the form of my most recent hypnotherapy testimonial. Feedback like this can offer everyone hope and belief that it is possible to learn how to manage anxiety, worry and stress. If all of the people who have left feedback on my What People Say pages have been able to overcome anxiety then that means that you can benefit too.

It's always a huge privilege to help someone to make positive changes like overcoming anxiety, so it's a massive thank you to Charlotte for sharing her feedback on how her sessions helped with her health anxiety (and fear of flying too).  

 Click on the image and have a watch of Charlotte's feedback:

health anxiety and fear of flying hypnotherapy testimonial

Thank you Charlotte! Whilst overcoming a fear of flying may not be top of anyone's list right now, certainly it's worth taking action to manage anxiety, whether that's general anxiety or health specific.

As this video shows, it is possible to move from anxiety to calmness and feeling more in control over your thoughts and feelings. In the current climate, that's certainly something good to know.

Stay healthy and safe,

Dan Regan

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