Recent Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonials:

As a former anxiety sufferer myself, I'm always delighted to be able to successfully help others to overcome their anxiety too.

Anxiety has a way of creating its own momentum that leads to more and more anxious thoughts and feelings whizzing around inside you, and it can sometimes even feel like a never-ending battle to find some respite. 

For each person, the when, how and where they experience their anxiety can vary, yet those feelings of fear, worry and anxiety, and all those worst case thoughts and that overthinking can have many adverse effects on how you feel and what you can do. And because it can be limiting and debilitating, there are few things better than helping someone to feel calmer, more confident and more in control to do the things they want to do in their life.

You may have already taken a look through the twenty plus pages of reviews and testimonials on my website, that represent a fraction of the people I've worked with, and recently two new anxiety hypnotherapy testimonials have been added.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

In this first testimonial, Linda describes how her sessions helped her take back control over her anxiety so that she could get back to work after three months off: 

ely anxiety hypnotherapy review

Self Esteem and Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonial

And in this testimonial, Louisa describes how her sessions helped her with her life long self esteem and anxiety issues: 

self esteem anxiety hypnotherapy testimonial

If self esteem and anxiety issues are a thing for you right now, then I'd love to help you find a way to overcome them so that you feel better in yourself. Louisa and Linda, along with the dozens of other individuals in my What People Say pages, took that first step to come for a free initial consultation and it would be great to meet you too.

In the meantime, do remember that if these people and taking back control over their negative thoughts and feelings then you can too, and working together we can help you to get your life back and make positive the positive changes you are looking for. 

To your success,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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