From Feeling Low To Feeling Good - Hypnotherapy Testimonial Video:

Sometimes when we are going through a difficult period or there has been some sort of change in life, it can be hard to think clearly and to access your usual ways of thinking, feeling and doing things.

You may find yourself overthinking about things, feeling emotional and struggling to mentally 'switch off'. It can impact on your sleep and eating. All your usual calmness, strength and confidence may seem like it has evaporated.

And whilst in the midst of that distress and lowness it may feel like things can and never will ever change and improve, the good news is that it is possible to find a way to deal and cope with things and move forward in your life. In fact, in the hypnotherapy testimonial below, one client describes how he went from feeling low following the end of his marriage, to now feeling good and being positive about the future.

From Feeling Low To Feeling Good 

When Dan came to see me he had been going through a difficult period in his life, following the end of his marriage, and it was having a profound effect on him and his mental health. Through his hypnotherapy sessions he has now moved on from the lowest point he had ever been at to being right back on his feet, feeling good and in a good place to move forward positively in his life.

Dan very kindy agreed to share a few words about his hypnotherapy sessions in this video, which you can watch by clicking on the image below: 

from feeling low to feeling good hypnotherapy in ely

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I'm so pleased for Dan and I'm sure there will be lots of positive times and good things coming his way into the future. 

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

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