That was the opening line I heard from a recent client when she initially came to see me for a 30 minute chat about hypnotherapy in Ely.

Whilst working together in subsequent sessions, we went into a bit more detail. Imagine if you were too worried to plan a night out with friends because you were fearful about panicking or having a panic attack, or if you were out and as the room filled up so that feeling of tightness in your throat increased, the images played in your mind of what happened last time and your mind started to race faster and faster until you had to escape out of there.

 After a while you’d also start to feel a bit down, wouldn’t you? Never knowing when

the anxiety and fear might start, yet knowing it was lurking somewhere deep down in your mind ready to strike as if from nowhere. My client had tried to battle it consciously yet hadn’t been able to shake off the sick feeling in her stomach and the constant battle within herself.

As we talked more, she told me that she just wanted to feel better and to end the restriction that she could see around her social life.

Overcoming Anxiety 

At our second session she told me that she felt a lot calmer and more at ease – she was starting to actually look forward to upcoming social situations rather than just completely dreading them. She even went to a party that night and texted me the next day to tell me what a fun time she’d had.

After four sessions she felt good to go! She was due to go on holiday the following week and instead of a feeling of trepidation she could now see everything going perfectly. When she got back she told me that she’d had a great time and had done everything she wanted to. She now felt much stronger and calmer than when she’d first come in to see me for a chat.

As she summed it up:

I went to see Dan regarding a problem that was starting to really affect my life and going out in social situations. After my first meeting with him he put me at ease and he was very understanding and easy to talk to. I had a few meetings with him and after each one I came out feeling more in control. I now feel able to meet my fears head on thanks to Dan. It’s nice to know he is there if I need him.”

Help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Dan Regan


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