The Happiness Journal

Over the last eight years and through thousands of hypnotherapy sessions, one of the most consistently positive things that I encourage people to do is to start to focus on what is going right in their lives.

When we feel anxious, worried or generally a bit rubbish, a natural trait we share is to become more and more engaged with thoughts about all the people, things, situations and circumstances that aren't how we want them to be.

For example, an anxious person can become completely engrossed in thoughts of worst case scenarios or about things going wrong. Someone who lacks confidence may spend their time thinking about what if they mess up or people think they are weird or an idiot or some other negative judgement about them.

And the same can be true for someone trying to lose weight who criticises themselves after snacking, or a stressed person who becomes overwhelmed at thoughts of not being able to cope. No matter what the issue, it's easy to become lost in a cloud of unwanted and unhelpful thoughts and emotions and to lose sight of other things.

Which is where the happiness journal comes in.

The Happiness Journal

Every day has those bits that frustrate, stress, worry and annoy us. Then there are those parts of the day which are sort of neutral and we go through the motions of eating, dressing, brushing our teeth and so on.

Then there are those moments that make us feel better each day. Maybe you are looking forward to seeing someone, getting something completed, watching your favourite TV show or going for a walk or something else that makes you feel better when you think ahead to it. And every day can have its highlights where we laugh, smile, get good feedback, feel we have made progress or have achieved something or done something we enjoyed.

Which parts of your day you tend to focus on will have a dramatic impact on how you feel. When we focus on all the frustrations and negatives we tend to feel drained and exhausted and everything becomes another hurdle to face. Yet even with these in our day, if you choose to focus more and more on the things that are more positive and made you feel more upbeat then you become stronger and more resiliant to face and overcome any challenges. 

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Get yourself a nice fresh pad of paper and do this:

1) Every morning write down 3 things you are looking forward to today (however big or small).

Doing this consistently (even if it seems a challenge at first) will help you start to feel happier and more optiomistic. If you have been struggling with stress or anxiety then this will start to counter all those worst case scenarios and negative thoughts that have been filling your mind. 

2) Every night write down 3 things that went well today and 3 things you are grateful for today. 

Start to notice the things that are going right for you and those things that you are grateful for in your life, which could be a person, a thing, an experience or even that you have a roof over your head and food to eat.  

I do this every day on my walk to my office and home again. It really is one of the most wonderful investments of your time that you can make in my opinion. Many of my cleints tell me that this becomes one of the most valuable things they apply to themselves each day and becomes a daily habit of noticing and enjoying the things that make you feel happier and better more readily.

To your success

Dan Regan

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