Overcoming anxiety and symptoms of anxiety:

If your anxiety issues are weighing you down then you may find yourself feeling sick, down, stressed, sad and lacking energy. It may be impacting on your sleep and you may have found that your levels of confidence and self belief have plummeted.

All of those symptoms of anxiety can leave you feeling stuck, lost and alone, with no sign of that anxiety ever truly easing.

And these are all the sorts of things that Julie decribed when she first came to meet me for some help with her anxiety issues. Now she has more energy, sleeps better and her confidence levels are soaring. You can watch her video testimonial below to discover her story.

Overcoming Anxiety Testimonial

In this hypnotherapy testimonial video, Julie decribes how she went from struggling with her anxiety issues, to changing her life and feeling massively better:

overcoming Anxiety and symptoms of anxiety hypnotherapy testimonial

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Julie also went on to write some feedback about overcoming anxiety and the symptoms of anxiety:

"Hi there, I'm Julie. I'm adding this alongside a video testimonial, but really want to get my point across. I was recommended to see Dan by a friend who thought it would help me, with anxiety issues, which basically ruled my life - I would feel sick, down, stressed, sad, had no energy, lacked confidence and belief in myself and my abilities.

I was slightly dubious of how it would go but thought I'd give it a go. I now have had around 7 sessions with Dan and I can't believe it. It's changed my life, I have learnt techniques and every session we have had, bizarre as it sounds it feels like a weight has lifted. I'm so different to the person that walked through his door back in November.

My life has totally changed, things that brought on my anxiety don't bother me now, I have so much energy, sleep through the night and my confidence is soaring.

I'm a different person. It's all thanks to Dan. If you are thinking of this but have doubts, believe me just go for it. Change your life."

Wow! I'm so pleased that Julie has got such amazing results!

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Help To Overcome Anxiety 

If you could use some help to overcome your anxiety and the symptoms of anxiety, just like Julie, then you can contact me now and ask to arrange your initial consultation. This first step towards feeling better is down to you, so if you are fed up of battling your axniety, then get in touch right now and let's get started.

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