Stress symptoms and how to relieve stress:

Is your every daily existence blighted by the impact of stress and stress symptoms?

According to a report in the Daily Mirror, the average adult in the UK spends two hours and 11 minutes of every day feeling stressed - a total of more than 15 hours a week or 33 days a year or an immense five years and six months over the average lifetime.

That's a lot of time spent feeling stressed out about running late, work demands, family life and relationships. And those stress symptoms can cause problems such as persistent anger and worry, sleepless nights, a loss of concentration and many other health issues.

So how can you relieve stress symptoms?

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How to relieve stress symptoms

For help to relieve stress symptoms it is useful to start by narrowing down what exactly you are stressed about before trying to tackle it. Those stress symptoms may have spread into many areas of your life but what is driving those thoughts and feelings? After all, there will be some areas, however big or small, where things are actually ok.

According to the study reported in the Mirror, being late for something and running out of time, along with getting stuck in traffic are among the top creators of stress.  

Whatever is currently driving your stress I suggest starting to relieve stress levels by doing these 5 things:

1) Just Breathe!

Forget every other breathing technique you've ever been told about or read about (unless it's the one I'm about to mention!). To start feeling calmer quickly, practice extending your out breath. 

To do this, hold your breath for a few seconds and then breathe out for a slow internal count of 9, then when ready, breathe in for a slow inner count of 5. Keep repeating and you will automatically start feeling calmer and more in control.  

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2) Use Your Thinking

When any strong emotions take over, whether that is anger, worry or stress, we are hard wired to prepare to take action rather than think clearly. That's why you may feel tense, on edge and restless.

Yet to take postive action on the demands you face, and to have a clear perspective on them, you need to calm those emotions and get the logical, clear thinking part of your brain to take command.

To do this, anytime you feel stress symptoms, start counting backwards from three hundred in units of three in your head. If you lose track just start again from the beginning. Doing this for a minute or two will relieve stress and leave you able to think more clearly. 

3) Use Good Mood Music

Music can have a powerful effect on how we feel. After all, who hasn't heard a particular song and found themselves reminicing to a previous time that they heard it.

So take advantage by pre planning your music. First thing in the morning listen to music that makes you feel happy and positive to start your day off well. One of the main places people feel stressed and ruminate is in the car so take some music with you that makes you feel upbeat and sing along if you want to (it doesn't matter whether it is 1D or Showaddywaddy as long as it makes you feel good!). 

When standing in queues, rather than get stressed out about it, replay that song in your head and even consider humming along to it quietly as you do so. 

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4) Get a New Perspective

Sometimes in the midst of the black hole of stress it can be difficult to view things with enough perspective to take positive action over the things you can control and to let go of the things you can't.

To get a helpful fresh perspective you could talk to a friend you respect and trust to get their view. You could ask yourself whether the things you've been stressing about will even matter in a week, or a month or a year from now (will you even remember them in a year's time?).

And you can start to notice the things in our life that are ok. Because of how bad stress can make you feel, it can be easy to start thinking and describing everything as being awful or rubbish. Yet is that really the case? Are there parts of your life, however big or small, that are ok or that are even going well? Start taking a couple of minutes every night to think back on at least three things that have gone well that day, to start to balance your persepctive. 

5) Exercise...even if just for a few minutes

Pretty much everyone I meet knows the value of exercising in terms of lifting their mood. Yet often it becomes that thing you've been meaning to do or that gets squeezed out of your busy day.

So make a commitment to yourself to at least go for a ten minute walk at some point every day, whether that is first thing, during your lunchbreak or in the evening. Going for a short brisk walk and paying attention to what you see around you as you go, will have a massive cumulitive imapct on how you can relieve stress.

PLUS: And one more thing that will really help - grab yourself a free copy of my rapid relaxation hypnosis audio. You can use this to calm all those stressful thoughts and feelings and many people tell me that it is fantastic at helping them unwind to get to sleep easier.

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Help To Relieve Stress

If you could use more help to relieve stress and start enjoying life again then get in touch and ask to book your free initial consultation. The only investment is thirty minutes of your time and it may be the very first step to feeling better and moving forward feeling calm, confident and in control.

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