How To Reduce Anxiety in Ely and Newmarket

Recently I wrote an article about the relentless persistence of anxiety and stress in the workplace. This followed the publication of workplace figures showing that 9.9 million days were lost in 2015 through stress, anxiety and depression.

This huge figure has remained fairly constant for over a decade, reflecting that current dependence on cognitive behavioural therapy and ever increasing use of anti-depressants is not tackling the issue. 

Hot on the heels of this, BBC Cambridgeshire has revealed that the number of students being given help at Cambridge University because of mental health concerns has risen 43% since 2012.

And I am sure that the levels of anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns in other walks of life and areas won't be too dissimilar from these. No wonder this is referred to as the 'age of anxiety'.

So how to reduce anxiety is a hot topic that needs addressing and below are some ways to reduce anxiety and start feeling better quickly and effectively.

How To Reduce Anxiety

If you don't want to rely on anti depressants for months, years (or life) to mask your anxiety and you have been in and through CBT waiting lists and sessions to no avail then now is the time to take action by using methods that do work.

And in this video, I cover 7 of the most effective things you can start doing from today that will make a difference to your anxiety levels if you follow them consistently:

Watch on You Tube:

Anxiety happens when we get so stressed and worried about things that we reach a tipping point into overwhelm. That's when you start to feel on edge, tense, panicky and the anxious thoughts start to take over. And the more anxious you feel, the more those anxious thoughts fill your mind and the more the pattern of anxiety continues to feed itself.

So just talking about those issues or trying to think different thoughts is unlikely to be enough. To make effective change you have to calm your mind to a level where you can process things and think clearly. 

Watch the video and start putting these 7 tips for anxiety relief into action and then get in touch and let me know if I can help you or someone you care about to reduce their anxiety.

To your success

Dan Regan

The Anxiety Reduction Specialist in Ely and Newmarket

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