In this article, I'll talk about another success treating anxiety with hypnotherapy in Ely.

Heidi came to me for help to overcome anxiety and fear that was placing limits on her life that she wanted to break free from.

This is because anxiety has a way of placing limits on you as you seek to avoid things going wrong, feeling bad or something else unfolding in a worst case way (or you may just stop doing things just in case any of those what ifs happen).

So in this article I'll be giving you three ways you can start taking control to overcome anxiety and live your life on your terms.

Treating Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Ely helps Heidi

Before we get into how you can start taking control over your anxiety, I want you to watch this video where Heidi talks about how she overcame her anxiety with hypnotherapy and using the techniques that I share with you here today. It's a pretty inspirational watch:

treating anxiety hypnotherapy in ely testimonial heidi

Watch on YouTube:

Three Ways To Overcome Anxiety

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great video that really underlines the difference it can make when you apply the right tools and strategies in the right way - you CAN let go of anxiety and get on with your life.

To start taking control over your anxiety I suggest these three things (which I know Heidi used as part of her strategies for letting go of anxiety):

1. Take control over your imagination and those worst case scenarios. Change the channel in your mind from those negative scenarios of what you don’t want to happen to focus more and more on what you do want to happen (or at the least coping calmly with any challenges that arise).

2.  Make sure you deliberately focus on what is going right too. Anxiety pushes us to focus on all the things that may have gone badly or that could go wrong. It clouds how we view our life as if we are looking through anxiety tinted lenses. A simple way to shift that focus is to every morning think of three things you are looking forward to that day, and every night think of three things that went well that day.

3. Anxiety can have you pacing around achieving nothing or leave you with a mind running on overdrive. So make sure you find time daily to relax mentally and physically. There are many resources out there to help and naturally I suggest you make use of my specially produced (and free) Rapid Relaxation Audio.

More Anxiety Help

You can find more anxiety help on my anxiety specific website - including an additional free audio and another four strategies to help to control anxiety.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Dan Regan

Successfully treating anxiety with hypnotherapy

Treating Anxiety With Hypnotherapy in Ely