Recently a client told me that if she didn’t do something perfectly then, in her view, it was completely useless, rubbish and pointless.

It was either 100% or 0%. Black or white. Success or failure.

And the fact is we all want to do our best (usually).

Yet mistakes do happen, things do get missed and life can get in the way.

And having to be perfect all the time is hard work, anxiety producing and can be stifling (after all why start if it may not go perfectly...).

How To Ease The Perfectionism Pressure

To ease the anxiety of perfectionism, start cutting yourself some slack.

When you do a task, rate it on a scale of 1-100. 1 is useless/rubbish, 100 is perfection.

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Give yourself an honest score and recognise that some parts did go ok even if there is still room to grow, learn and improve.

Learn to be fair to yourself and see life in shades of colour rather than just black or white.

Dan Regan

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Hypnotherapy in Ely