Anxiety wants you to take action and do it now! Your anxiety and panic prepare your body to move, to do something. 

Fuelled by all those anxious scenarios and thoughts, your body will respond to that threat or danger by increasing your temperature, releasing adrenaline, increasing your heart and breathing rates and so on. 

And in those moments or emotion, we are designed to stop thinking effectively. Think about it in evolutionary terms for a moment: if every time a predator was approaching we paused to have a good think about what to do and how to respond then...well, I'm sure we would have made a nice snack.

So how can you get that clear thinking, objective, rational part of your brain back in command? And at the same time calm those emotions?

Think Yourself From Anxiety to Calm

The more anxious you feel, the less you can think rationally and logically in the way you do when you feel calmer.

Anxiety wants you to take physical action quickly and immediately rather than be objective and have a good think about it.

So to get that thinking part of your brain pushing back at the anxious emotions, you need to make it do something..

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You could recite the alphabet backwards in your head, count backwards from one hundred in units of three or work through the alphabet thinking of an animal that starts with each letter in turn.

Or my favourite is to count backwards from 300 in threes...300..297...294...and so on. If you lose count you just start again. Do this for a minute or so and you will find yourself thinking more clearly and feeling more in control. 

The important point is to force the thinking part of your brain to work which will then dilute all those anxious emotions. Give it a focus that means you have to think.

And remember to grab your free hypnosis download to help you feel calm quickly.

Dan Regan

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