Are you fed up with running anxious scenarios over and over through your mind? And constantly thinking of things going wrong and worst case scenarios?

If you imagine vivid scenarios of things going wrong - and often these may be big, bright and colourful - then you can find that you start to generate the anxious feelings you would get if these were going on right now.

These feelings can grow and grow as you go from one scenario to another, each getting more catastrophic along the way.

So how do you calm those anxiety fuelled thoughts?

Dampen Anxious Scenarios

All of us have powerful imaginations - whether we consider that we do or whether we realise it or not. We use our imagination every day to plan, think, draw conclusions and so forth. For example, when you read through a restaurant menu you will imagine what each dish takes like before choosing the one you feel is most appealing.

We all have the potential to catastrophise. I remember one time several years ago when I learnt that my father's cancer had come back. Later that evening, before bed when I was tired, I found myself standing in an anxious trance in the kitchen going from one worst case scenario to another, until I was practically delivering a eulogy at his funeral and forgetting that he was still alive and that I should do all I could to help and treasure the time.

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So if you find your anxious scenarios taking over then do this:

  1. Become aware that you are running that scenario and picture it in your mind.
  2. Now shrink it down so it’s like watching it on a TV screen.
  3. Now shrink it down as if you are watching it on a small TV. Make the picture black and white like a really old, portable TV set.
  4. Then shrink it down again so you are watching on a PC or laptop screen. Notice everything is proportionately smaller.
  5. Now shrink it down to the size of an ipad screen and then down to the size of an ipod screen.
  6. With this perspective, ask yourself if you are just making this scenario up with your imagination (and if it isn’t happening right now then you are imagining it). If so, change the channel and imagine a neutral or even a better case scenario.

Take control over your imagination and you can quickly learn to diffuse anxiety so that you can think more clearly and feel emotionally calmer and more in control.

Dan Regan

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket