How do you cope with your anxiety? Whilst many people have a specific coping strategy they use, many others feel lost and helpless when faced with their anxiety, and many others simply try and distract themselves to get some temporary relief (although the anxiety usually keeps bouncing back...).

And with all these anxious thoughts and feelings rampaging through your mind and body it's important that you have your coping strategies set in place and well rehearsed (because in the midst of an anxiety attack it is virtually impossible to think straight enough to do something new).

So what are some of the most useful ways to cope with your anxiety?

Coping with Anxiety

Whilst it is useful to work with a professional hypnotherapist to overcome your anxiety, here are 5 ways you can start implementing today to cope with your anxiety: 

1) Remember What's Happening

Remember what your anxiety actually is. Anxiety is your mind and body's response to levels of high stress. It's like your mind has got stuck on a high alert setting. Yet everything you experience is perfectly natural and are things we are designed to do; it's just that right now your mind is overprotecting you - reacting as though there is danger present when there isn't. So just remind yourself that it is all natural, that your mind is looking out for you and that right now you are safe. 

2) Challenge Those Thoughts

Instead of letting these anxious thoughts run away with themselves and playing out those worst case scenarios in your mind, start to ask yourself: is what I'm thinking about now something I would be thinking about if I felt calmer? If it isn't then just know that it is just a thought driven by anxiety and not necessarily fact.

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3) Breathe 

Focussing on your breathing can soon put you back in control. Practice breathing in for a count of 7 and then out for 11. Having the out breath longer than your in breath stimulates your relaxation response. 

4) Exercise

When you feel anxious, your body gets ready to take action - to fight or flee from the situation. That's why your breathing and heart rate increase, you feel hotter and can feel shaky. So respond to that signal to move by exercising - go for a walk or any other exercise will reduce all those symptoms of anxiety.

5) Practice relaxation / self hypnosis

Take time out and learn how to relax. Learning self hypnosis or using an hypnosis audio is an excellent way to do this (e.g. you could use my free rapid relaxation audio to help with this - just enter your details on the right of this page). Take time to de-stress and switch off from worry. Give your mind and body some time off and you'll soon reduce stress and anxiety.

More Help To Overcome Anxiety

Put these 5 techniques into regular practice to start reducing your anxiety - and then for more specific help why not book your free consultation and find out how you can master your anxiety?

Dan Regan

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