Do you dwell on events that have already happened and make yourself feel bad?

Maybe you play over the things that didn’t go so well or even start to imagine that maybe you said or did something wrong.

And as you replay all those not so great moments you can start to feel bad within yourself and about yourself. You may even project it forward and feel anxious about the next time you are in such a situation or around those same people.

If you are fed up of using your imagination to make you feel bad then do this:

1) Close your eyes, relax, and play out the event in that way you have been. Notice what it is you think went wrong or that you said or did wrong. Run it to the end of your memory movie and blank it out.

2) Now, take a moment to recognise that right now you are ok – that situation is in the past and is now over. You’ve learned from it and now you can move forward with more resiliance and right now you are ok.

3) Now, like changing the DVD in your mind, run a new movie in your mind, yet this time watch everything going how you would have wanted it to go. See yourself going through the same thing and things going how you should have done them. Once you have done this to the end press replay and watch it going right again.

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4) Now, imagine a similar situation in the future and notice how, as you run this movie, things go well. Make it big, bright, bold and colourful.

Take control of the movies in your mind so that in the future things happen more and more automatically the way you want them to.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket