According to a recent study, depression and anxiety could be inherited. According to the researchers, the brain function that underlies anxiety is inherited from your parents.

Some of the headlines seemed to suggest that people with anxiety should just shrug their shoulders, accept that they inherited their anxiety and wait for more research to lead to some pills they can take. After all, if anxiety is hereditary then what are you going to do about it? It's just your lot.

However, reading beyond the headlines, the research does go on to indicate that there is plenty of room for experience and environment to have a say in whether you develop a full blown anxiety disorder. In fact, the research seems to suggest that only about a third of anxiety related tendancies could be explained by family history. 

So it seems you can't just go and point at your mother and father and say "it's all your fault!"

Unlearning Anxiety

And those conclusions fit comfortably with what I've learnt from helping hundreds of people to end their anxiety.

For whatever reason your anxiety started, whether you were very young or much older, and whichever parts of your life make you anxious right now, you can learn to feel calmer and more in control.

So whether you inherited an anxious brain or learnt it from others, or even whether you taught yourself how to be anxious from experience and life events, you can still tame your anxiety and start enjoying your life again.

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Sharing Anxiety

And it's also worth remembering that we all know how to experience anxiety - it's only when it becomes unreasonable, inappropriate or overbearing that it's a problem for you.

Most people have experienced anxiety, nerves and worry about something in their lives. And anxiety itself is there to keep us safe and out of danger. So in one way you could say we have all inherited anxiety.

It's when you learn to feel anxious when you know you aren't in danger and you don't need it that you need help to calm your mind and body down. And that's where I can help.

Dan Regan

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