Have you subscribed to the Bad News Daily?

Are you spending your day focussing on all the things that aren’t how you want them to be in your life - on all the worries, stresses and bad news in your life, other people’s lives and in the world?

When you feel anxious, it’s easy to focus on all the worries.

And the more you focus on them, the worse you feel. It becomes a self-feeding cycle and it may even feel like you have to find something to worry about.


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Reduce Worry and End Anxiety

Yet everyday has its moments when things went a bit better - moments of peace, happiness or enjoyment. It may have been a brief instant or a tiny thing yet it was there all the same.

Maybe someone made you laugh or feel good, something or somebody helped you feel loved, you did something that makes you feel fulfilled or some other thing happened that you can allow yourself to feel positive about.

So from tonight do this – start keeping a journal of things that went well today.

Find three things and write them down. Then write down why they went well.

Find the positives, the highlights, the good moments and start to notice them more. Give them attention and learn to notice them as you go through your day. Commit to it and make sure you get your daily bulletin of the positive.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket