Recently I was working with a client who was totally fed up of all those anxious and worrying scenarios going around her head, particularly when she was at work and needed to concentrate on what she was doing. They would keep coming back into her head time after time through the day and even stronger in the evening and when she was trying to get to sleep. 

And all that worrying left her feeling anxious, tired and frustrated. The more she tried not to think about the anxiety, the harder it seemed to be for her to forget about it.

So here is a quick, simple and effective way to start taking back control over the scenarios running wild through your mind.

Brush Aside Anxiety

If you need a quick way to quieten down anxious thoughts then do this:

  1. Become aware that you are running an anxious scenario through your mind. The scenario may be like a movie, or still like a photograph, or a series of pictures.
  2. Imagine a large paintbrush in your mind dripping with fresh paint (pink paint works well as it’s a bit like those old Pink Panther cartoons!).
  3. Paint over the image in your mind with the paint – apply a fresh, thick coat of paint so that the whole thing is covered. If you need to, apply a second and a third coat of paint.
  4. Keeping the painted image in mind, notice that you feel calm or neutral as you get on with what you are doing.

 blot out anxiety hypnotherapy in ely

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Dan Regan

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