Are you worrying about things that may never happen? All those scenarios in your over-active mind can leave you in a heap of anxiety, worry and exhaustion.

So is it time to give your mind a break and let all that worry drift away?

Here's how you can let all that worry and anxiety float away to leave you feeling calmer and more in control:

  • Close your eyes and take a few moments to pause – just focus on your breathing, watch your breathing happen and let your mind comfortably drift. Take a few moments and imagine each part of your body relaxing in turn.
  • Feeling more comfortable, imagine in front of you is a hot air balloon with a basket underneath tied to the floor. Taking as long as you need, take each of your worries in turn and place them in the basket. You may feel lighter as you put all those heavy worries in the basket.

hot air balloon let your worries float away


  • When you are done, untie the basket and watch the balloon drift into the sky and move further and further away into the distance. Let it disappear  away into the distance until you can no longer even see it.
  • Take a few more moments to notice your breathing and when you are ready open your eyes and carry on, feeling lighter, more relaxed and more comfortable.

Take the time to let all your worry and anxiety drift far away into the distance and then you can implement this whenever you need to, whatever you are doing.

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket