This is a brilliant idea from a client of mine who used it to end her anxiety.

She used to find that she would lie awake at night and her mind would fill with anxious thoughts - some related to things going on in her life now and many to do with things that could happen in the future. The end result was that she found herself wide awake at night, hot, sweaty, on edge and anxious.

The insomnia was really starting to take its toll and wear her down. So she took the discussions we had in our sessions and made it work for her so she could shred her anxiety and sleep like a baby.

Conquer Anxiety

To conquer anxiety you need to take control over your imagination – ending all those what ifs, disaster scenarios and unnecessary dwelling on things that are in the past.

To stop her anxiety keeping her awake at night, here’s what she did – every time she thought of something that made her anxious she would imagine a paper shredder in her mind and put the scenarios through the shredder, watching them get shredded into a jumble of tiny strands.

And as you'll know if you've ever put paper through a shredder, it's impossible to put it back together again. It's just a mess of unconnected fragments.

anxiety shredder 

Give it a try and shred your anxiety away!

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge