Fear and anxiety love inaction – they stop you doing things, fill your mind with all those what-ifs, and piece by piece they can shut you down and stop you doing the things you used to enjoy or that logically you know you should be able to manage. 

To quench fear you need to take action. 

Whether you take a large step or a small step, bit by bit you can smash through your fear and let it shrink in your life.

Transform Fear By Taking Action

fear into action

Take action physically – you could get out of your chair, get outdoors, exercise, do things differently, find time to do something for you and relax. 

Take action mentally – make the shift to focus on what you do want, learn to manage your imagination, give your brain time off and be kind to yourself.

COMMIT to one change TODAY and follow it through no matter what – and soon you’ll be free of those old associations of anxiety.

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket