Here’s a quick way to shake off anxiety about an upcoming event – recently I helped a client about to start a new job and another giving a presentation using this technique.

Often we look forward to an event and our mind starts to try and fill in the gaps of what might happen with unhelpful scenarios (what if….I mess it up/I can’t do it/I make an idiot of myself etc).

And all these things that we make up in our minds can start raising anxiety levels. The closer the event gets, the more we think about it and the worse those scarios of things going wrong can get. All the while you are linking feeling anxious with the event so that when you get there you have already primed your mind to feel anxious and you may not perform at your confident best.

Ending Anxiety

Here’s what to do:

1) Close your eyes and imagine it is 15 minutes AFTER you have successfully completed the event about which you thought you were anxious (e.g. sitting down after a presentation).

2) In your mind turn and look back towards now.

3) Notice that all the anxiety has disappeared now.

4) Open your eyes and get on with your day feeling more confident and calm about the event.

Use this whenever you have something coming up and you want to feel confident, calm and in control. Enjoy the results!

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket