Here’s a quick technique you’ll love because it shifts your focus from worry and stress to feeling positive and happy: 

1) Ask yourself: ‘Who or what makes me feel happiest?’ 

2) Write down your answer and spend 30 seconds thinking of that person or thing.

3) Ask yourself the same question and again write down your answer and spend 30 seconds on each until you have 8-10 happy triggers.

4) Close your eyes and picture yourself looking at yourself in the mirror. Take the happy triggers you’ve thought of and imagine sticking them around the image of you (so you have a series of happy images with the image of you in the centre). 

5) Imagine all that happiness radiating into your image from the brightness, sounds and good feelings of the happy triggers. 

6) Lock that image in place in your mind. Open your eyes and bring the positive feelings from those happy resources back with you as you get on with your day.

It can help to have some pictures on your phone of the people and things that make you happy so that anytime you want a lift you can take a few moments to feel the good vibes that come from having them as part of your life.

Give it a go and let me know how good you find it.


Dan Regan