Do you struggle with stress and worry?

It's easy to become overwhelmed and so get even less achieved - adding to the worry. Or maybe you try and distract yourself and not think about it, but then sooner of later those thoughts and worries come flooding back and you feel just as bad.

There's no point pretending that things don't exist or wishing they will disappear; you've got to start to take control over how you feel about them and how you react to them.  

Having worked with hundreds of people to ease their stress levels, I thought I’d share three of their favourite ways to take back control:

1) Write it down. Stop struggling to try and keep everything you need to do in your head. At the end of every day, make a list of what needs doing the next day. Then forget about it until the following day when you pick your list back up.

2) Prioritise. It may feel like it sometimes but not everything must be done right now. Label everything using ABC. A is for everything that needs to be done now, C is for things that can wait and B is everything else. Start working on the As first.

3) Take Breaks. Set reminders so you get away from it all and clear your head at regular intervals. Go for a walk, get a drink of water, do anything that lets you recharge mentally and physically.

stress uninstalling

Thera are many other ways to disintegrate stress and worry and feel calmer and more in control. Give these a go, build them into your day and soon you'll be enjoying a renewed sense of clarity and perspective.


Dan Regan