Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you are anxious, worried, stressed or feeling low, sleep can be one of the main things affected. And the less well you sleep the more tired you become and the harder it is to cope. You may also start to worry about not getting enough sleep and the impact this will have for you - and so you create a cycle of feeling anious about sleeping, which leads to not sleeping and more anxiety.

So here are seven simple things you can do to improve your chance of a good night’s sleep:

 7 Ways To Better Sleep

1) Focus on relaxing – let sleep be the result of becoming more and more relaxed.

2) Make sure your bedroom is dark enough and quiet enough.

3) Only use your bedroom for sleep (no working or watching TV in bed).

4) Turn the TV off an hour before you plan to sleep. Give your mind a chance to unwind.

5) Turn your mobile off – you really don’t need to check your messages in the middle of the night.

6) Set your alarm clock then turn it around to stop clock watching.

7) Keep a pen and paper by your bed so if you need to, you can make a note rather than let it swirl around in your head.

Remember if you can’t sleep then focus on relaxing. Far better to take some time to relax than to lie awake worrying and stressing yourself out about how you aren’t asleep yet.

Dan Regan