One of my clients told me recently that she felt like a tightly wound up ball of anxiety. She constantly felt on edge, restless and tense and couldn't find any peace from feeling that way.

No matter how much she tried to distract herself for a while, all those unwelcome thoughts and feelings kept coming back.

However, that soon changed when she used the process below to find more and more inner calmness.

The Anxiety Ball

Here’s what worked for her and if you struggle with anxiety then you can benefit too:

anxiety ball


1) Close your eyes and notice the feelings of anxiety running through your body.

2) Gradually bring all those strands, the worries and the feelings together into one point in your body the size of a tennis ball. Have all of your anxiety within the ball.

3) Wherever that ball is inside your body, take your dominant hand and place it on that part of you.

4) Put the anxiety ball into that hand and hold it in your hand in front of you.

5) Then imagine throwing that ball off far into the distance until it disappears from view. Notice how much calmer you feel now (if you prefer, smash the ball to bits or drop-kick it away!).

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Dan Regan