How much time do you spend dwelling on the past and worrying about the future? Sometimes it can seem like all our time is spent looking back or looking ahead and never taking the time to be in the moment - where you are right now.

If you spend too much time looking back it may make you feel sad, depressed, low or even hopeless. And  too much time lost in future worries can lead to anxiety, stress and worry. You may also find that you put happiness and health on the 'never-never' - it becomes something you hope to have in the future without doing anything about it right now.

A Time And A Place

It can be useful to look back over the past to see how we have grown and moved on, to remember challenges we've overcome and successes we've achieved and to learn for the future.

It can be useful to think to the future to help us plan to successfully achieve what we want to in life.

However, it is alos important to make sure you spend some time in the current moment - in the now. We can forget to enjoy the moment and miss opportunities to experience gratitide. love and happiness. When you are more in the now, fears about what might happen in the future start to diminish and feelings from the past are put to one side or behind you.

Being In The Now

To start enjoying life more right now, create a habit of bringing your attention to the present. 

Shift your focus and notice what you can see (e.g. the colour of the walls, the pictures and what is in them), what you can hear (the sound of your breathing, sounds from the environment) and what you can feel (e.g. the feel of your feet on the floor or your clothes on your skin).

Spend more time in the now and you will start to notice more of those little moments of happiness and enjoyment. You will feel more centered, have more clarity and expereince more calmness.

Dan Regan

Dan Regan Hypnotherapy and Coaching

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