How much news do you follow? I've worked with people who watch the news over breakfast, read the paper on the way to work, check their news app throughout the day, look at news online at lunchtime then back home for the evening news and the ten o'clock news before bed.

And as much of the news is full of disasters, pain, suffering and sadness, that's a lot of worry and stress being force fed into your mind.

Limit Your News Intake

Let's be honest, most news stories don't change so quickly that you need to check in on them dozens of times a day. What tends to happen is you get the same story wrapped up in several different ways. 

And all the pain, suffering and disaster you are absorbing is like waving a red flag in front of an anxious mind and screaming 'it's dangerous out there!' No wonder many people with anxiety would rather stay indoors where it feels safer from all that worrying stuff 'out there'.


Anxiety Buster

If you struggle with anxiety, here's what I suggest you do - for the next two weeks limit your exposure to the news and notice the difference.

You don't have to cut out news completely and pretend nothing else is going on in the world, just start placing limits on how much worry and stress you are feeding your mind without even realising it. Often anxiety can be worse first thing in the morning or last thing at night so aim to avoid the news first thing and last thing. 

Personally I prefer to just scan the headlines on my phone app - it gives me a good idea of what is going on and if there is a story I feel I want to know more about I can click and read the full article.

When you start to give your mind more time off from the stress and worry, you can find the space to start focussing on feeling calmer and more at peace.